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Why we exist?

We help people who wake up one day and find that they've wasted their life in a career they hate. My desire is to help them realise that they just have to decide, and they can achieve success too.

Testimonial When I joined the Rebel Entrepreneur Group in February 2015, I had already been working on my business for six months and was feeling stuck, not knowing how to get more clients. During the meetings with Frank and his team, I learnt a lot. Not only about the skills necessary to run a business such as marketing or cash flow, I learnt how to put my business idea into words, and to define what services I was offering. The differences between my business and other competitors plus the VALUES and the SKILLS I have that made me unique. And I learnt how important it is to exchange views on ideas with others. Every time I left the meetings I was excited to start working on all the ideas I got. I am so glad that I joined the Rebel Entrepreneur Group as Frank, and his team gave me the motivation to go on and live my dream.

Sandra Halbe

Owner, Atelier Shen Men

So let us help you on your journey to Wealth, Independence and Freedom!

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